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Newbie Questions for latest Android Version
#1 Posted : Sunday, June 25, 2017 10:04:41 PM
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I just started playing the Android version and have some questions:

1. Is there a maximum amount of gold that I can carry? I saw one item selling for $224k! I read somewhere that there was a $30k/character limit, but am not sure it applies to the android version.

2. Is it ever possible to buy items which permanently increase stats, or must I find them?

3. I found a gem that said I could teleport 1-3, but it didn't do anything for my party of 6. I assume that this means it can only teleport up to 3 people.

4. I am still confused about the experience system. I started with 2 elven samurais, and they are leveling nicely. (around lvl. 5 - 6 on dungeon lvl. 1, and I haven't even mapped 1/2 of it!). My elven mages and sages (2 of each) haven't gained a level yet. If I DAMAGE a creature by a spell without killing it, can I still gain a level? I am thinking of switching out my 2 sages for priests, who have better health and level faster. Is the only way to level up my priests to use a spell to harm creatures? I assume sleep spells don't level me up. But what about shield spells?

5. As far as portal gems, how high can my character levels be for dungeon levels 1 and 2 before they stop showing up in the special rooms? I just found the 1st floor special room. I assume it is added automatically to my total of portal gems, rather than showing up in my inventory. I am planning on visiting this room every time I go to the dungeon right away to get the portal gem.

6. I am wondering if it is REALLY necessary to train 4 elven rangers and 2 elven samurais instead of going with 2 mages, 2 priests, and 2 samurai. It would take a bit to put them in the front for experience, but I don't want to gimp myself long-term. Mages and priests level faster, so should theoretically make up a BIT for their low health by out-levelling rangers.



John Gaby
#2 Posted : Tuesday, June 27, 2017 8:49:18 PM
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1) There is no limit to the amount of gold you can carry.

2) All items except the special items found in the special rooms have a chance of showing up in the shop (and yes there are items that raise stats)

3) The Show Teleport 1-3 does not teleport your party, but rather shows teleport traps in the dungeon for levels 1-3

4) There is no experience in this game. The way leveling works is that every time you destroy a monster (and sleep destroys them, but darkness does not) you have a chance to make level. The probability of this happening depends on your level, the monster's level and the level dungeon level. And yes, the only way to level priests is to have them kill things either with spells or fighting.

5) I am not sure what the formula is, but if you need more portal gems, let me know and I can set it up so that you receive them.

6) Elves level the slowest of all races. Combine that with Ranger or Samurai class and you will level pretty slow (Rangers are overrated). The fastest leveling race is Kobold. My ideal party would be 2 Kobold Samurai (yes it IS possible to create a Kobold Samurai, but you need to get creative), 2 Kobold Mages, 2 Kobold Priests and a Kobold Thief. You would, of course, need a fairly good party of other characters to get such characters started.

John Gaby
#3 Posted : Tuesday, March 12, 2019 1:20:33 AM
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Optimal Party:


2 Dwarven Samurai. 2 Human Rangers, 2 Priest, Preferably Dwarven, Human. 3 Sages, Preferably Human, but Dwarven Ok. 1 Mage, Preferably human, but Elven just barely ok.

Also want 5 frontline, Melee, and 5 spellcasters.

Priest are only good until your Sages, reach levels 4,5,6, and when your Samurai reach levels 7,8,9, and when Rangers reach levels 8 to 11. When that happens, you will have enough priestly spell casting from Sages, Samurai, Rangers, that better then Priest, that can dispel like priest, etc, that the 2 priest in party should be reolaced by 1 more Sage, and either 1 more Sanurai or Ranger.

Sages cast both Priest Spells and mage spells as effectively as both Mages, Priest, provided Int, Wis is high enough like 25 to 30+ int, and 18 to 23 wis.

Samurai are the best fighters, plus have priest spells, plus deal with traps, so no need for Ninja, Thiefs, if have high level Samurai with decent to semi high stats

Ranger fight better then Hirebrands, but not as good as Samurai. They also cast both Mage Spells, and Priest Spells, once they get to about level 8.

When a Ranger has decent, semi high stats, is about 12+ level

Rhey have:

6,7,8 1st lev Mage

4,5 2nd lev Mage

2 3rd lev Mage

1 4th lev mage

5,6,7 1st lev Priest

3,4 2nd lev Priest

2,3 3rd Level Priest

1,2 4th level Priest

1 5th level Priest

Can fight effectively on front line

Or can use them like a cleric/Mage.

Rangers are NOT overrated

My party:

2 dwarven 14th level Samurai

3 12,13 level human Rangers

4 Sages: 1 level 10, 1 lev 9 1 lev 8, 1 lev 4.
3 sages are human, 1 is a Dwarf.

1 level 9 Elven Mage 48 hp

No Priest, No thieves, No Ninja

A very optimal, deadly party.

Mostly humans.

Theoretically you can roll kobold Samurai's, etc, if your butlucky after 10, 000 rerolls.

Also while they may level up quick, their STATS USUALLY SUCK

I''ll take my 38 strength 153 Hp level 14 DWARVEN Samurai, with his 28 int, 28 wis, and his LOTS of Priest Spells, over PUNY about 15 strength, 73 hp, level 17 kobold, with little spells, etc, anyday.

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