1. I am hopelessly and completely lost. What do I do?
    Each of your initial players is provided with a Cartographer's Scroll. The Cartographer's Scroll when activated will illuminate one of the direction arrows in green at the left, right, or bottom of your screen. Clicking on these will give you the shortest known route out of the dungeon. However, be aware that the Cartographer's Scroll does not protect you from monster attacks. After each of it's uses, the Scroll has a 25% chance of being destroyed and the scroll loses it's effect when you change levels. In addition, you can cast the Magic Spell Iptofeh (locate) and your current location will be displayed on the map.
  2. What other games is Oubliette similar to?
    Oubliette falls into the general category of role-playing fantasy simulations (we sometimes use the term "fantasy adventures" but get into trouble with people who confuse the term adventure with a particular type of computer puzzle). In this regard it shares a great deal with other games of the role-playing type. We have often been chided by our players to make Oubliette closer to the other dungeon games available, and this sentiment among the players is understandable. It is natural for people to prefer things that are familiar to them. Where possible, we have endeavored not to change commonly accepted phrases and terms so as to minimize the confusion from players who have experience with other games. For example, the general structure of the player data is similar to that commonly used by other games.
  3. Can priests heal themselves or just other players?
    Priests are able to heal both themselves and other players.
  4. What happens when a player dies.
    When a player dies, you may choose to try and resurrect him. This can be done either in the House of Healing or by using a high enough level Priest. Priests have 2 raise spells, one which raises the player but leaves him with 1 hit and lowers his Constitution, and a second, more powerful spell, which raises him to full health and does not change his Constitution.
  5. If a player dies can the other players in his party take and use his equipment?
    As long as there are other members in the party, those players can take and use the equipment of the player who has died. A player who has died will remain in your party until you bury them at which point they will be permanently deleted. Even if they are permanently dead, you can use the "Transfer Equipment" option to move their equipment to another player. However, once they have been buried any equipment that was on them will be lost forever. You can also delete players (dead or not) from within the LIGNE Tavern. Tap the 'Info' button next to the player's name and then tap the 'Delete' button on the player information page.
  6. What happens if my entire party is wiped out?
    If your entire party is destroyed, you will be returned to the castle. You may then attempt to resurrect your players either by going to the House of Healing, or adding a priest with the power to raise your party. Note that if your entire party is destroyed, the monsters will take some booty from their dead bodies.
  7. If a player captures a monster to follow and fight for them, how long will that monster stay with them?
    There will be a random chance at each encounter after the monster is captured that the monster will leave. As soon as the party rests, it is definite that monster will have left.
  8. If you use a spell that allows you to escape an encounter (such as Narpic) that is only effective on low level monsters and you are fighting both low and high level monsters, what will happen?
    The spell will be effective on all of the monsters who are monster types other than undead.
  9. What is the difference between the "fight" option and the "double blow" option?
    The difference is that if you choose "fight" you will get two swings, both at single damage, but if you choose "double blow" you get one swing with double damage.
  10. Is it possible for a player to be in multiple classes and/or multiple guilds?
    Neither is possible.
  11. If you fail a raise the first time what happens?
    A player who has failed a raise the first time will become permanently dead. You cannot attempt to resurrect a permanently dead player again. The only things you may do are take and use their items on another player and bury their body. The probability of a raise succeeding increases with their Constitution. Generally, monsters that have been captured will flee once their captor has died.
  12. If I press the home button in the middle of the dungeon or in the middle of an attack what will happen when I come back?
    Pressing the home button in the middle of any part of Oubliette will cause you to exit the game. However don't think it's an easy way of getting out of a tough battle. When you return to your game you will be in the same situation. If you were fighting you will have the same number and types of monsters. If one of your players had died and another had been injured that would still stand.
  13. How do you save your game?
    Saving your game requires a Temporal Gem. Temporal Gems can be found in the main Oubliette Menu under "Enter the Temporal Chamber". You will start with a supply of 10 Temporal Gems. Additional Temporal Gem may be purchased from the app store. Gems are required for creating portals. You may use any portal an unlimited number of times to go back to the point in the game at which you created it. We have also created an initial portal which can take you back to the start of the game.
  14. How do I get more Temporal Gems?
    Starting with version 2.0, we will no longer be selling temporal gems, and you will be able to find these gems in the 'Secret Rooms' which appear on each level of the dungeon.

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