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Once a player has selected a class, he will be allowed to choose from several guilds. The guilds are essentially schools in which a beginning player can learn an occupation. For each occupation, or class, there are several guilds. Guilds vary in quality of education, risk of death to the student, average years in training and difficulty. Some of the guilds (such as Eldar Academy) only allow members of a given race to enroll. A player's selection of a school will be made based on his characteristics and desires. If he survives his schooling, he will be placed in the tavern, where he will be waiting to join a party to seek adventure in the dungeon.

Your choice of a guild will be based on a number of factors. While it is always desirable to choose a high quality guild, they tend to be more difficult, and your player could spend many years attempting to graduate, perhaps dying in the process. To short-lived races such as Orcs and Ogres, becoming a professional student can be a fatal mistake. After graduating from a guild, the student will hopefully have improved some of his characteristics useful in his trade, or at least not lost any. 

The player will be placed in the tavern after his schooling, whether he graduates or not, as long as he does not die during his apprenticeship where he will wait until picked up as a member of a party. If he fails to graduate (and remains a Peasant), he may at any later time become an apprentice again, in any guild for which he is qualified. He might also elect to seek adventure in the dungeon as a Peasant, later to enter a guild. However, the chance of dying in school increases as a character increases his personal level. The masters of the school frown on these higher level students, and force them to serve as examples for the rest of the class.

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