? Races


When creating players, you will be asked to choose a race for them. Although choosing a race of high Intelligence will not guarantee a smart player, your chance is far better than choosing a less advantaged race.

Every player is a member of one of the eight races residing in the castle. Each race has its own characteristic traits - orcs tend to be strong but unintelligent, elves are intelligent and ageless, ogres are both strong and sturdy, but are exceptionally stupid and unpious as a race.

Each race has certain characteristics which typically distinguish its members from those of other races.

Race Strength Intelligence Wisdom Leadership Constitution Dexterity Hits Age Experience
Dwarf ++ - + - ++ - ++ ++ +++
Elf * + * + - + * &+ ++++
Gnoll ++ -- * * + + ++ - ++
Halfling - - * + + + -- + -
Human * * * * * * * * *
Kobold - -- -- - * * -- * ---
Ogre +++ -- -- -- ++ - +++ * ++
Orc + - - - * * + --- --

Above is a list of the races within the game, and their typical characteristics. + means higher than average, * indicates average, and - denotes below average. The note of &+ for the age of elves indicates that elves are not affected by aging, and can, provided they stay out of trouble in the dungeon, be immortal.

The racial characteristics shown do not guarantee that an Elf player will be intelligent, or that an Ogre player will be strong, but rather than players selected from those races have a better chance of exhibiting those characteristics. If you are selecting a Ogre player, chances are good that you will get a good Hirebrand, but you are not likely to get a good Priest. After spending some time selecting players, you will have a better feel for the average statistics you can come to expect for each of the races.

The term "Experience" found in the chart is the average degree of experience required in the dungeon before a player of this race will advance a personal level and improve his statistics. The chart indicates that Orcs and Kobolds make levels easily, while Elves and Dwarves have a more difficult time of it. This says nothing about the player's ability to survive. (See the section on Classes for information on how a player's class can affect his progress).

Once the race has been chosen, choose "Next" and you will "roll" a player of that race. If you want to keep the player, select the class you would like then "Next". If not, select "Roll Again" until you get a player you like.

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