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Magical and Priest (Religious) spells can be cast by various classes to attack monsters and help fellow party members. Spells can be cast from any position, so players able to throw spells are typically placed in the rear of their parties, so they can cast spells against monsters without risk of direct injury.

The spells are remnants of the Varget, or ancient language, which is no longer known to commoners. It is said that the secrets of the world of Tokal are contained within the language, and those who are able to speak the words can invoke these mystical powers. However, the task of invoking these spells is so exhausting that a user of magic or priest spells can cast only a limited number, and then must rest to restore his strength.

The spells are split into two basic groups, magical and priest, and different classes may be able to cast one, both, or none of these spells. The spells are further separated into spell levels, each requiring a unique source of energy within the thrower. As the spell-user increases his personal level, he becomes stronger and able to cast more powerful spells as well as throw more of the lower level spells per trip. By inspecting a player's information you can determine the number of magical and priest spells of each level the player can cast.

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