? The Story

The Story

The word Oubliette is derived from the French, and means a dungeon with but one escape. To help you further your understanding of the Oubliette and the world surrounding it, a brief history of the world follows.

The Beginning

In the beginning, Tokal (meaning "world" in the ancient language) was a savage place with savage inhabitants. During the Tokgorin era, the world was ruled by the great beasts of the earth, who legends say arose from the mountains to the north. For countless years these beasts fought among themselves, each seeking to win control of its territory. From the maelstrom, the first evidence of fire thought, or humanoid creatures, came to the fore.

The humanoids, while not possessing the great strength or special abilities of the earth creatures, had a great advantage - intelligence. Toward the end of the Tokgorin era, these clever creatures began to assert their superiority, and slowly there formed small tribes of humanoids who were able to resist the earth creatures and claim homelands of their own.

The Fiegorin

Thus began the Fiegorin, or fire thought era. Named for the element (fire - FIE) which gave them their strength, the humanoids learned that collaboration with others of their kind gave them an advantage over the earth beasts. From the early tribes there came eight great races of humanoids, all of which live in the world today.

As the populations of the fire thinkers grew larger, they began not only to fight the earth animals for territory, but each other as well. In the years that passed, the humanoids continued to fight amongst each other, with no true leaders or tribes having control over any region, not to mention the world itself. During this time, some groups splintered off from society, such as it was, to seclude themselves in the forests and the mountains. In their seclusion, these small societies flourished, and initiated the study of nature, magic and religion. They discovered much of the secret power of the world hidden in the Varget, or ancient language. Eventually, these clans began to prevail against their enemies through magic and religion, rather than by physical force.

The Later Years

In the later years of this renaissance, a great wizard known only as LIGNE came down from the mountains to the north, and along with a handful of trusted disciples, civilized a region of the world near the border of the mountain range. The small town was eventually fortified and became known to the world as LIGNE castle.

As the city and the surrounding area was tamed, the hostile creatures, both animal and humanoid, were placed in a general holding area beneath the castle which later became known as the dungeon. Castle low life and criminals were also placed in the Oubliette, which was soon teeming with life.

As the dungeon and the city above matured, it became popular among the young citizens of the city to venture into the dungeon, seeking gold and glory, almost as a rite of passage. To others, it became a lifetime quest.

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