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undisclosed game features..
#1 Posted : Thursday, July 10, 2014 7:23:00 PM
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In my last question, John mentioned a change that differed from the 'manual' though it is an unofficial manual.

I am wondering if there are other changes someone might disclose or hint at the answer.

1) Stats.
Does high int/wis do anything but give you more spells. For instance does a fireball from a mage with a 40 into mage do more damage than from one with 20 int? Or maybe decrease monsters spell resistance?
Does higher leadership increase your chance of charming monsters?
2) levels.
Does a level 50 mage cast more powerful fireballs than a level 20, or is a fireball just a fireball.
Same thing on resistance. Can a level 50 priest dispell (spell or ability) higher level undead than a lvl 10? Will I even.entually be able to dispel Vampires ?
3) the mysterious leveling algorithm.
Any hints about whether deeper dungeon levels are better than monster levels? Or if the total number of monsters or groups affects the algorithm.

I have tried to figure these out, but I usually see a bunch of 'you iced it' or 'you fried it'.. and charming very rarely works. So I was hoping someone else might have had better luck or more thorough statistics on these areas.


#2 Posted : Wednesday, July 16, 2014 12:36:56 PM
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John can answer in more detail (obviously), but I'll try to help.

1 - Not sure but I think so.
2 - Definitely yes on spells. Spells cast by lower level characters aren't as effective as the same spell by a higher level character. Take a new mage and cast Geibor.....it will do a few points of damage. Take a high level mage and cast Geibor and it might do 100 points or more of damage. Same thing with the fireballs and icing spells.

I have definitely seen higher level priests dispell better than lower level priests. No idea if they can get high enough to dispel Vampires.
3 - You'll level up quicker (on average) in lower levels of the dungeon. You'll also level up quicker (on average) against higher level monsters. This is in addition to the impact of your character's race and class (like Elves leveling slower and Rangers leveling slower).

If you want to see how "strong" your character's spells are just go a little too deep and cast spells against stronger/higher level monsters. Then you will see how effective that character's spells are (because it will say how much damage you did instead of just "you iced it" or "you fried it").
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