? Level 2

Level 2 Priest Spells

Bonashef - Protect Party

"Shield party" serves to protect the priest's party, and lowers the chance of monsters hitting them with weapons.

Dumafiegor - Hold Persons

In the Varget, DUMA means "control", and FIEGOR means "fire thought", or human thought. This spell is similar to the MORFIEGOR of the mage, except that it attempts a much stronger, but less lasting, control over the monster. The spell can capture 1 to 4 humanoid opponents and induce them to serve in protection of the priest. Unfortunately, the spell requires significant energy on the part of the priest to maintain control, and the companion monsters have a good chance of deserting the priest before the next encounter.

Fehtier - Detect Trap

Literally "point trap", this spell allows the priest to point to all dangerous elements of a trap, and thus disarm it without injury.

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