? Level 6

Level 6 Priest Spells

Kominalito - Full Raise

"Close death wound" serves to resurrect the person like Koalito, but also serves to cure the wound which actually caused the death in the first place. Because of this additional healing effect, the victim is not permanently damaged by the experience of death. This spell also has a chance of failure, and may not be retried on the same player.

Mohipto - Home

This spell means "home self" transports the party up one level, closer to Home and the safety of the Castle. This spell may be used in combat, and will allow a party to escape any encounter by transporting up one level.

Sheinoget - Holy Word

"Holy word" calls upon the priest's god to damn his opponents to hell. The opponent's chance of resisting the attempt is based on the priest's level and the opponent's level. If a party member is damned but the party as a whole survives, his soul will return to his body and he can be revived.

Priest Spells
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