? Level 6

Level 6 Magical Spells

Alito - Death

"Death" casts a spell of death over the opponents. Extremely effective even against high level normal monsters, this spell is invaluable when traveling to the lower levels of the dungeon.

Fieminamor - Controlled Fireball

"Fire wound directed" this spell does heavy damage to all opponents, with no effect upon the mage's party. Similar to FIEMINAT in effect, the suffix MOR indicates the controlled nature of this attack.

Karpatok - Earth Summon

"Earth summon" invokes the power of the earth in summoning assistance. This is the most powerful of the summon spells and it differs only in the level of monsters which appear to assist the mage.

Torgafier - Teleport

Even the scholars do not understand this spell very well. It appears to be able to transport the party from one level to another by use of an alternate plane of existence. The spell has a limited range, which depends on the size of the party.

Magical Spells
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