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Quizard Word Search for Tablet devices

Quizard Word Search is a tablet puzzle application that creates a limitless number of word searches using both included puzzles and additional puzzles created by downloading lists of words from Quizlet or Flashcard Exchange on the web. Each puzzle can regenerate in limitless variations to create new puzzles for your enjoyment. Options allow users to choose use of capital or lower case letters in their puzzle. Additional choices enable users to pick background colors from three different motifs.

Puzzles can be collected, downloaded, grouped, completed, saved or deleted all on Quizard Word Search!

Quizard Word Search includes 50 puzzle lists that can be regenerated into countless variations. Each puzzle will contain words appearing vertically, horizontally, diagonally, in reverse, and overlapping. Our personally created puzzles include People, Places, Things, and a special Student section.

You also have access to our ‘Puzzle Of The Day’. Download and enjoy a new puzzle for each day of the year.

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