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What's New

Quizard is now available for many devices:

Quizard is now available on both phone and tablet devices for both Android and Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Look for Quizard soon in the Apple App Store, Google's Market, Amazon's App Store, and for the NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble.

Learning Modules:

On tablet sized devices, you can now generate Crossword and Word Search puzzles, as well as study your cards with Match and Scatter games.

Pictures and Audio on both sides of the card:

You can now place pictures on both the front and back of your cards. Audio can also be added to both sides by downloading sets created on Flashcard Exchange

Upload flashcards to Flashcard Exchange on the web:

Now you can create your own flashcards in Quizard and upload them to Flashcard Exchange to share with others. Flashcard Exchange also allows you to add audio to your cards.

Note - When you upload card sets from Quizard to Flashcard Exchange any pictures or audio that are part of the set will not be uploaded (they do not support that yet). However, if you add audio and/or pictures once they are on Flashcard Exchange and download the set, the audio and/or pictures will also be downloaded.