? Level 4

Level 4 Priest Spells

Kominatok - Full Heal

Calling on the power of the earth, this heal spell is usually termed "full cure". It returns the recipient to his full strength level.

Minabor - Rods

"Wound rods", or quarrel, gives the priest a variable number of wounding rods which he fires at his opponents. This spell is a potent weapon for the priest and a valuable tool for defending his party.

Kotier - Cure Disease

This word means "close distress" in the Varget. It allows the priest to cure a fellow party member of all diseases affecting him, although it does not return the player to his full strength level (such as KOMINATOK).

Dumatokgor - Hold Monsters

Meaning "control earth thought", this spell is a stronger version of Dumafiegor, and allows the priest to control general monsters as well as humanoid. Again, this spell affects 1 to 4 opponents, and has a limited duration which depends on the Wisdom of the priest.

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