? Level 5

Level 5 Priest Spells

Fehalito - Finger of Death

"Point death" is an attempt by the priest to command his opponent to die. This spell may only be used in self-defense by the priest, and is directed at only one opponent. If the spell does not succeed, the opponent sustains no damage.

Etishef - Blade Barrier

"Blade protect" invokes a barrier of whirling blades which the priest can direct against the attacking opponents. Guided by a divine hand, the blades do not affect members of the priest's party, but do considerable damage to some of the opponents.

Koalito - Raise

"Close death", or raise person, is a very useful spell for any party. This allows the priest to resurrect a member of his party that has died in the dungeon. The chance of success is based upon the Constitution of the victim, and if it fails, it may not be retried. Being a somewhat limited spell, it does cause permanent damage to the health of the recipient.

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