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Level 1 Magical Spells

Nargor - Sleep

In the Varget, this spell means "not thought." Scholars believe that this spell actually neutralizes the thought process of the victim, apparently putting the creature to sleep. It is a relatively weak spell, however, and will only affect low level normal monsters.

Geibor - Magic Missle

Known among commoners as magical missiles, this spell literally means "air rods" in the ancient language. The projectiles produced are directed at a single target, and work on all types of monsters.

Tokshef - Shield

Meaning "earth shield" this spell invokes the power of the strongest element, the earth, in protecting the user. Although few understand exactly how the spell works, it seems to make the user less vulnerable to attacks with weapons.

Morfiegor - Charm Person

Literally translated, this spell means "direct fire thought." It is directed at a single opponent of humanoid type, and if successful, the opponent will join the user and assist him throughout his trip in the dungeon.

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