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Level 2 Magical Spells

Geigor - Confusion

"Air thought" attempts to dispel the thoughts of the opposing monsters into the air, and is commonly called the spell of confusion. Once confused, the affected monsters run for cover and are effectively eliminated from the encounter.

Altatok - Strength

"Earth strength" invokes the power of the earth in strengthening the recipient of the spell, allowing him to hit his opponents more often. It can be cast by the magic user on any member of the party, but is typically used on one of the two men fighting in the front.

Narpic - Darkness

Called Darkness by the rabble, this spell creates an area of darkness around the magic user's party, allowing the party to escape the encounter. It is primarily effective against low level normal monsters, both humanoid and animal, which require light to see their opponents. This spell allows you to escape an encounter and as such, you will never receive any treasure.

Geitorga - Levitate

Unsure of this spell's translation, the scholars say that it helps the magic user to float in the air above the earth. Its primary utility is in allowing the mage to avoid pits in the dungeon. It is known that players thus floating are less vulnerable to weapon attacks. However, a player who is thus attacked may lose his concentration on the spell, and each attack has a small chance of breaking the spell.

Pictageit - Lightning Bolt

"Light Air Storm" invokes a storm of brilliant light among the enemy, having an even chance of damaging each one. Like FIEMINAT, this spell can also backfire to damage one's own party, so it should be used with caution.

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