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Level 3 Magical Spells

Fieminat - Fireball

This spell causes a ball of fire to burst from a point chosen by the mage, usually in the midst of the monsters fighting his party. "Fire wound" will do serious damage to all members of the opposing party, and also stands a good chance of damaging each member of the mage's party. Because of its destructive effect on the friendly forces, this spell is typically cast only as a last resort. A magic user can partially protect himself from the effects of fire by casting FIETOKSHEF.

Mortokgor - Charm Monster

"Direct Earth Thought", serves to control a monster in the same way as MORFIEGOR is used against humanoid opponents. This spell is cast against beings of "earth thought", or non-humanoid monsters.Like MORFIEGOR, it is ineffective against supernormal monsters of any kind.

Iptonarvay - Invisibility

Meaning "self-not-see", this spell makes the user invisible to low level normal monsters. Its effects last until the user leaves the dungeon, or attacks a monster with a spell or weapon. Its basic benefit is that it makes the mage invulnerable to attack by normal weapons. This spell is not effective against supernormal or high level opponents.

Fietokshef - Fire Protection

"Fire earth shield" affords the mage with a personal shield against the effects of fire, whether from light or fire spells, or from the breath of dragon-type monsters. The effect of this spell lasts until attack by fire, and then it must be recast. Not a complete protection against fire, it does cut the damage to the magic user in half.

Iptofeh - Locate

Literally "self-point" in the Varget, this spell locates the user within the dungeon. It displays the current level and location, and if you have a map for the level, your position will be marked on the map.

Karpafier - Fire Summon

Meaning "Fire Summon", is the lowest of the summon spells andl serves to summon 1-4 low level monsters to the aid of the mage. These monsters will stay with the mage for a variable number of encounters, usually leaving him shortly before an encounter to return to their homes.

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