? Level 4

Level 4 Magical Spells

Narfiet - Ice Storm

Ice storm, or "not fire", invokes a damaging storm of cold and ice upon the opposing monsters. Like FIEMINAT and PICTAGEIT, it also unfortunately damages the user's party. Use with caution.

Minagor - Fear

"Wound thought" is said to produce fear in the mind of the opponent. A highly effective spell against low to medium level normal monsters, it can be used like GEIGOR to remove opponents from the encounter.

Narvaybona - Party Invisibility

Party invisibility, or "party not see" causes the effect of invisibility over all members of the party. The effect may be broken for each individual member when that member casts a spell or swings a weapon. This spell protects the party from low to medium level normal monsters, but has no effect on other monsters.

Fieal - Haste

"Fire life" provides the user with a temporary enhancement of the user's reflexes by invoking the power of the fire element. This spell gives the user a chance to act more quickly, allowing less delay between his attacks. The spell's effect is of limited duration, but can be renewed by casting FIEAL again.

Karpageir - Air Summon

Meaning "Air Summon", the spell serves to summon higher level monsters than the Karpafier spell, to the aid of the mage. These monsters will stay with the mage for a variable number of encounters, usually leaving him shortly before an encounter to return to their homes.

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