? Level 5

Level 5 Magical Spells

Fieshef - Wall of Fire

"Fire protect" forms a wall of fire about the mage, making him appear much like a demon, and casting fear into the hearts of his opponents. This spell is useful for frightening low to medium level normal monsters, but others are unimpressed.

Karpasom - Water Summong

Meaning "water summon" this spell is more powerful than Karpageir, and summons monsters to the aid of the mage in the same manner.

Skorpic - Controlled Lightning

According to the major religions of Tokal, the end of the world will come with a mighty struggle between the gods and a blinding flash of consuming light. It is thought that speaking this spell, which literally means "end light", causes a display of light similar to that of the end. Since the mage must be quite powerful to cast the spell, it can usually be used without damage to the mage's party.

Itogeit - Cloud Kill

"Ill Air Storm" conjures a cloud of foul gases that kill all creatures who are less than level 8. It should be used with caution as it can affect members of one's own party.

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